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Male sexuality is very important to a man’s health and mental well-being. This is why family doctors typically have discussions about the birds and the bees with their 40-year-old clients. Now, this might seem a little odd for a man who this age to be learning about his sexuality.

However, it is often necessary for doctors to reeducate male patients about their sexuality because of their advanced years. This is especially true when it comes to their prostrate. Believe it or not having a strong sex life can help a man’s prostrate to remain healthy. Keep reading to discover how steady sexual activity can main a man’s prostrate, well into their old age.

Things a Guy should know and do about his Prostate

The prostate is a gland that secrets fluid which protects semen. It also helps to nourish sematic fluid by giving it food and nutrients. This gland is located next to the bladder. The ultimate purpose of the prostate is to assist with male ejaculation during sexual activity. By the time a male reaches age 40, he should get a prostrate exam on a regular basis.

Older male patients should also get blood work done to determine their PSA. The acronym PSA stands for prostate specific antigen. This is a protein that is often elevated when negative conditions begin to develop with the prostate area. Screening is important and PSA levels that are located between 4 and 10 is an indication of cancer.

Prostate gland

The prostate takes in zinc, potassium and citric acid and elevates it to an amount that is 600 times normal than needed. The prostate also attracts other carcinogens within the blood. All of these negative substances help to increase the risk of cancer. The British Journal of Urology did a study that proved that men who regularly clear their prostate fluid lower their risk of cancer. On the surface, this might seem like it does not work. However, prostate fluid contains harmful chemicals that are normally contained within semen.

Here is another point to consider. There is a story about a patient’s father who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. After his father had been diagnosed, his doctor asked him about his level of sexual activity. The father had lost his wife a few years back and he no longer had any sexual activity. So, the patient’s father was not getting rid of the prostate liquid that was building up in his glands. If a man does not constantly release this fluid, he will increase his chances of contracting cancer.

How much sexual activity do doctors promote?

Most doctors are not going to start advocating risky sexual activity just so a man’s prostate can stay in good condition. They are also not going to scare people into forming a relationship with just anybody to avoid prostate fluid build-up. However, many doctors do advocate masturbation for release. This practice is useful for releasing sematic fluid when a sexual partner is not available. Masturbation can also help to lower a person’s blood pressure and to reduce their stress levels.

Doctors will also expect men to take a balanced approach with ejaculation. Guys who are between ages 30 – 40 should excrete 3 – 4 times a week. Guys between 40 – 50 should ejaculate at least 1 – 2 times a week. Guys that are 50 – 60 should get rid of their fluid at least once a week and guys 60 and over should expel their seminal fluids at least once every two weeks.

Men who have problems ejaculating should exercise more and eat a healthy diet. They should also watch their weight since obesity interferes within with the ejaculation process and men should avoid processed foods as much as possible. A guy should also check their testosterone levels to ensure that they are being well maintained. This too will help with prostate health and problems with ejaculation. A man’s family doctor can provide him with more information about this process. Ultimately, all guys should keep their prostate and sexual health in good order to avoid cancer and any other negative medical condition.